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Welcome To Shannon Investigations, Inc. The Quality Surveillance Company, Private Investigators.Private Investigator

Shannon Investigations, Inc., is a Florida licensed investigative agency (Lic. #98-00005) specializing in quality video surveillance for insurance companies, law firms, corporations and businesses in Florida. We do not work for the general public and conduct investigations only for legitimate business purposes.

Surveillance: All investigators are equipped with state of the art technologies. More...

Workers Comp: These assignments involve the general scenario where a subject or claimant has been injured due to an auto accident, an accident at work, a slip and fall accident at an establishment or place of business or alleged malpractice on the part of a physician. More...

Employee No-Compete Contract Violation Investigations: These assignments involve a general scenario where an employee who has signed a no-compete contract, starts their own business and is suspected to have violated their no compete contract by stealing their former employer’s clients. More...

Employee Work Integrity Verification Investigations: Do you have an employee who works on their own under no supervision, perhaps a sales representative or service provider.More...

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